WJR is dedicated to fighting human suffering and serving the urgent needs of primarily, but not exclusively, Jewish communities who are at risk or in crisis around the world.
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London Marathon 2013

Event Date: 21 Apr 2013

My Personal Message

Welcome to my fundraising page. Somehow, I've volunteered to run the 2013 London Marathon, and really really need your support, please!

WJR does a phenomenal job supporting projects for some of the most needy people - Jewish and non-Jewish - around the world. So please show your support for me and them by donating whatever you can afford, and helping raise as much money as possible. Thanks in advance and best wishes.
Damian Schogger

Damian Schogger's page.

Fundraising Progress

Fundraising Target: £2,620.00

Donations so far: £4,320.41

Gift Aid: £765.60

Fundraising Ends: 05 May 2013

My Current Donations - Thank You

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